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Hoe maak ik het budgetproces beter en sneller?

Plaatsingsdatum 06-08-2015
Berichtdatum 5 augustus 2015

Het (engelstalige)white paper "7 Ways to Reduce the Time You Spend on Budgeting" geeft een aantal praktische suggesties voor uw budgetproces.

Budgeting… As your company evolves, you have to devote more and more time to preparing your budgets. That’s why Prophix brings you 7 Ways to Reduce the Time You Spend on Budgeting.

This Best Practices whitepaper outlines specific actions that you and your teams can take to make your budgeting process more efficient – because you could do so much more if you reduce the time you spend on budgeting.

Financial professionals should use this whitepaper when conducting any of the following

  • Conducting in-house reviews of current budgeting processes
  • Setting goals for improving budgeting processes
  • Exploring ways of improving company-wide budgeting processes
  • Establishing criteria for technology solutions designed to improve budgeting processes
  • Reviewing the capabilities of solutions designed for improving budgeting processes

The following are selected benefits of adopting the budgeting best practices outlined in this
whitepaper aimed at reducing the time required to complete budgets:

  • Ability to reallocate time to other business and non-business priorities
  • Reduced number of budgeting errors
  • Faster and more reliable monthly closes and consolidations
  • Greater alignment among departments and/or business units
  • Increased accountability and ownership of processes and outcomes
  • Improved cross-department/cross-function communications
  • Ability to conduct more advanced analysis -- incorporating financial and non-financial

Download complete white paper van Prophix "7 Ways to Reduce the Time You Spend on Budgeting".  

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