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MSC Belgium is announcing its revolutionary e-invoice in XML format

Plaatsingsdatum 30-03-2016
Berichtdatum 15 maart 2016

MSC Belgium is proud to announce that as of March 15, 2016, our sales invoices will be made available, not only in paper version or PDF, but also in UBL XML format.

This is the last step towards the ultimate "electronic invoice" in our automation and digitalization process that earned us the title of "digital invoice ambassador" granted by the Belgian Federal Government.

The XML format, which accompanies the PDF, contains all data pertaining to the invoice in electronic form, including all details on charges, containers and shipment.

This allows for "application-to-application" handling. In other words, our invoice can be picked up directly by your ERP or accounting systems and could be validated automatically against your requirements, saving valuable and costly processing time and eliminating keypunch errors.

MSC Belgium selected the OASIS UBL (Universal Business Language) Invoice XML standard which is widely gaining traction in national and international contexts.
Technical information on the file format and on integration scenarios will be made available at your simple request.

The delivery of this XML invoice will be automatic, and free of charge to you, as an additional service from MSC Belgium!

MSC Belgium invites you to start exploring the exciting new possibilities this XML invoice offers!

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