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Auditfileplatform: domein auditfile logistiek, vergadering op 22 maart 2018

Plaatsingsdatum 02-03-2018
Berichtdatum 2 maart 2018

Op 22 maart 2018 is er een vergadering van het domein auditfile logistiek. Omdat er Engels sprekende deelnemers zijn, zal de vergadering in het Engels worden gehouden. De rest van de aankondiging met voorgestelde agenda is daarom ook in het Engels.

Dear relation,

Seminar standard audit file logistics on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at SRA, Marconibaan 413439 MR in Nieuwegein.

09.00 uur Walk in
09.30 start
12.30 closing

It aims to facilitate a discussion on the introduction of an audit file for logistics, as well as the concurrence with the Audit Data Collection Standard initiative from the ISO and possible harmonization from the EU in the SAF-T field (Standard Audit File-Tax). The business community, ERP vendors (at least Oracle and SAP), Big4 and government take part in the seminar. The meeting will be in English due to the presence of foreign guests.

Agenda proposal

  1.  Welcome by chairman (not yet known):
    Aim of the seminar: Sharing the developments around (inter)national standardization of audit data, determining together which opportunities we see and which steps should be taken by whom to achieve this.
  2. Introduction around the table:
    Name - Organization and answer to the question: for which of your tasks harmonization and standardization is important.
  3. ISO ADCS:
    - Arnold Roza (PWC and chairman NEN-Normcommittee): state of affairs and time schedule to next draft version (CD2) and the timetable to final ISO standard WITH Technical Committee role for maintenance and expansion
    - Frans van Basten (Digitec): explanation of the modeling of the standard and the agreements on this within the ISO working group.
  4. ERP vision, Oracle experts will provide an explanation from an ERP perspective:
    ISO worldwide and desired EU harmonization of legislation and regulations in terms of reporting, including specific indirect taxes. Explanation of Oracle's comment on the first draft version (CD1). Which data elements are missing and are, at least at EU level, essential.
  5. Customs developments (inter)national:
    Wim Visscher

    BREAK of 30 minutes with opportunity to start the discussion.
  6. Standard Audit File Logistic at EU level.
    - Is SAF Logistics desirable at EU level?
    - Opportunities and challenges
    - What points of attention are there
    - Which stakeholders have an interest
    - Short term 22 March to 14 June 2018
    - Who is doing what.
  7. Closing with summary of the agreements for follow-up.

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Kind Regards,

On behalf of the Auditfileplatform,
Fred van Ipenburg,
Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration

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