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PSOhub brengt nieuwe Gantt-grafiek uit in haar projectmanagement platform

Plaatsingsdatum 10-12-2021
Berichtdatum 10 december 2021

PSOhub announces the launch of their new, agile Gantt chart to facilitate project management, specifically surrounding tasks and resources. PSOhub’s all-in-one project management solution is highly affordable and a favorite among small-to-medium-sized professional services organizations. With the new Gantt chart feature, users will be able to up their efficiency even further with detailed visualizations and an alternative method to effectively plan projects.

PSOhub delivers innovation in the project management space, with the unique value from their all-in-one solution that helps businesses maximize efficiency and save money on their tech stack. Users in over 40 countries around the world leverage PSOhub to manage their projects, while the company consistently releases new updates and features in response to user feedback. Because Gantt charts are preferred by productivity-minded professionals and offer a unique visualization of tasks and resources, PSOhub designed an agile Gantt chart for all their users. With PSOhub’s new Gantt chart, managers and owners can leverage the ultimate productivity hack for project planning.

Lees verder op website van PSOhub.

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