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Whitepaper: Top tien best practices voor de crediteurenadministratie

Plaatsingsdatum 28-06-2016
Berichtdatum juni 2016

Door de 'Top Tien Best Practices' uit deze whitepaper toe te passen in de strategie van de crediteurenadminstratie, zijn organisaties in staat het maximale resultaat te halen uit het verwerken van inkomende facturen.

Engelstalige white paper "The Top Ten AP Automation Best Practice"

The Accounts Payable (AP) process is one of the most consistently “broken” of all financial processes in business today. As a result many organisations are looking to automate their AP processes in order to fix this situation. AP automation however, is only the “enabler” of the fix. In many cases the processes surrounding the function of accounts payable need to be addressed to take full advantage of potential savings created by AP automation. By adopting these “Top Ten Best Practices” as an integral part of their AP automation strategy, businesses can ensure that they are able to maximize the benefits of AP process automation.

  1. Centralized scan & process of all invoices into workflow on the day of receipt. 
  2. Instil a disciplined culture of accurate Purchase Order (PO) creation amongst employees.
  3. Separate functional team responsibilities with clear compliance controls.
  4.  Automate invoice matching for swift and efficient processing.
  5. Streamline and tailor your exception processing.
  6. Simplify the approval hierarchy of the organisation.
  7. Adjust business processes to give approvals priority.
  8. Provide a supplier portal for “self-service” supplier enquiries.
  9. Train suppliers on invoice structure requirements.
  10. Easy access and visibility to the Chart of Accounts for Cost Centre Managers.

Complete white paper
Download de complete white paper "The Top Ten AP Automation Best Practice" (PDF)...

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